Design Services
Who are we?
  • One of the oldest game sound companies focusing exclusively for game sound design on ex-USSR territory lead by Alexey Menshikov, an award winning sound designer
  • Have many years of experience creating, recording and implementing sound assets, managing entire audio projects and supervising audio teams
  • Our portfolio includes more than 25 game titles, including world known titles like: Black (an outstanding first person shooter), Carnivores (dinosaur hunting series), RigíníRoll (Hard Truck franchise, truck driving simulation) and many others. The full credits list is here
  • We are located in the heart of East Europe, in Kiev, Ukraine
Demoreel is here
Who are we?
  • High quality sound effects design at any level of creativity
  • Foley stage and field recordings
  • Sound editing & processing
  • Sound design implementations
  • Sound design consultations, including audio engine, delivery formats and implementation consulting
  • Focus on dramatic and game play impact of game sound effects.
  • Surround sound processing: recording, creation and mixing.
  • Large instant access SFX library of custom recorded sounds help us make your project sound unique and different from others
Who are we?
  • Interactive (adaptive) music system consulting
  • Working with lead agencies to provide quality voice productions in any languages
  • Have trusted database of freelance music composers
Who are we?
POSTMODERN sound production studio
Main control room
Recording stage
Foley pits

Who are we?
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